Kinect (Adventures) experience

This is going to be my first post o here, I am pretty excited 
As you might already be aware of, I am an enthusiast of all kind of technology entertainment. One of my favorite toys is my Xbox. For Christmas, I acquired the recent Xbox Slim, which looks much fancier, is quieter and I just love it! I will talk about the Xbox slim another day, just wanted to mention it quickly.
Speaking of the Xbox slim, I am excited to share my experiences about the new Kinect system. I got my slim bundled with a Kinect Sensor and the “Kinect Adventures”.
I used to play Wii at a friend’s place already before, so the experience of not using a controller but “being” the controller is not that new to me. Still, I like it! 😀
Well, let’s be frank and clear – you won’t have much fun playing CoD Black Ops or NFS Hot Pursuit using this. That was not the creator’s intention too. I am looking forward to the new set of releases, because quiet honestly the “Kinect Adventures” are fun to play, but after some time you get a bit bored. Also, there are some flaws and bugs here and there, but that’s probably just because it’s the first generation of Kinect games.
For those among you who never heard about Kinect, and never got to play a Wii game, here is a short video which should give you an idea.

So long, that’s it for my first post, feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you have questions or something.



~ by techsarah on February 9, 2011.

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